To earn stars and promote a good business reputation, the recipe is simple. All you have to do is give your customers good reasons to recommend the company and encourage them to do so. Some good practices to implement within the company can improve the customer journey and promote positive feedback.

Answer customer questions

The first thing to keep in mind is the customer. To build a 5-star customer experience, it is necessary to answer customer questions. The customer journey is usually composed of stages. At each stage, questions are recurrent. To satisfy the customer during his entire career, it is therefore essential to define the map of this journey and to identify the requests that can be made.

An increasingly developed practice is to set up groups of customers, to participate in the improvement of the customer journey. This also has the advantage of retaining them, to value them and why not help them to become true ambassadors of the brand. It is also a way to develop and test new products or services and to collect relevant comments from those directly concerned.

Speak the same language

In business, the terminology of the different stages of the customer experience internally and externally often varies. Yet one of the keys to improving the customer experience is language. When the language is too technical, the risk is then to cause the incomprehension of the interlocutor who does not evolve directly in the field and lacks technical vocabulary.

When creating the customer experience map, it is important to name the key steps and determine which words are most likely to be understood by customers. The stages of the customer experience must be named based on the customer’s point of view. Terms used should reflect the needs of the consumer. Focus on simplicity and avoid technical terms

Employees at the heart of the process

To provide customers with a customer experience of excellence, it is not enough to put in place promises and processes to achieve the set objectives. How to mobilize all employees around a common goal? Involve employees starts internally. To make employees feel good about their work and their company, reputation management firms must also be considered in a transparent way and remain consistent with the image conveyed to customers.

To convince consumers, employees are the best ambassadors of a brand. Not only through their daily work in the context of their work with customers, but also because they will communicate in a personal way, including on social networks and their entourage, thereby participating in the value of the company or brand.

Convert clients to ambassadors

From now on, customer satisfaction is at the heart of the company’s strategy. The promises made are kept. The customer experience tends to be closer to a level of excellence … It is then important to develop the online reputation of the company or the brand. Want to see shine 5 stars on online review sites? Put in place an effective customer collection strategy to promote that success and attract new customers.

In order to become a must and promote the high quality of service offered to its customers, all companies must set up a process to collect opinions and disseminate them as widely as possible to measure and improve the knowledge of the customer experience, our platform is the right tool for all structures.