No less than 96% of Internet users are influenced by the brand’s e-reputation during a purchase, 88% of individuals consult consumer reviews, forums or blogs before making an online purchase, negative opinions are likely to dissuade 85% of consumers … The control of e-reputation is a challenge that all companies must now face. Here is an article that allows to see a little clearer among all the offers and to choose his e-reputation agency.

More than 150 e-reputation agencies have emerged in recent years, but it is important to note that very different players share this market:

  • Agencies specialized in e-reputation,
  • Agencies specializing in e-reputation that have technology,
  • Communication agencies that offer e-reputation solutions,
  • Standby software vendors that can monitor e-reputation.

Faced with all these possibilities, you probably wonder what criteria to choose your e-reputation agency? Here are 10 things to check to choose your e-reputation partner.

Technological mastery of the e-reputation agency

The algorithms of search engines schedule the display of information that concerns you. The technological mastery of your provider will allow you to choose the results to display on Google. Very few people have technology that influences Google effectively, yet it’s the first thing to check.

  • Is the provider a specialist in SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management), or a generalist of e-reputation?
  • Does the service provider have a Research and Development team? How many people are part of this R & D team? What is the profile of the people?
  • Does the provider make a technical diagnosis? Can he explain the technical nature of the problem?
  • Does the provider have his own technology? Does he pledge not to subcontract the technical service? Indeed, outsourcing can lead to significant flaws in the confidentiality of your problem.

Means of the e-reputation agency

Definition of the project, design, development, follow-up … The customer must be able to have interlocutors adapted to his needs.

  • Who is the main contact, who is the link between the e-reputation agency and the customer?
  • What is the seniority level of the teams?
  • Does the team have different and complementary profiles? (R & D engineers, project managers, SEO experts)

Commitments of the e-reputation agency

Before choosing your e-reputation provider, find out about the commitments it offers to find out what you can expect from it.

  • Is the provider organized to respond to changes in algorithms?
  • How much commitment does the provider make to measurable results?
  • What is the tool for measuring these results?

Quality and adaptability of the content produced by the e-reputation agency

To schedule the results within its search engine, Google has implemented:

  • the Panda algorithm, fighting against the bad quality sites that invade its results,
  • the Penguin algorithm, fighting poor links,
  • the Hummingbird algorithm, which promotes rich content, and notably advocates the use of semantic fields.

So many difficulties and so many reasons to select experts who will offer quality content, optimized to meet the requirements of Google.

  • Does the e-reputation agency propose you to write content optimized for the Web?
  • Are the contents written by editors specialized in your field of activity?
  • Are the contents unique?
  • Can content be modified or deleted in the future?

Trust and transparency of the e-reputation agency

You may want your e-reputation provider to respect the confidentiality of your requests. In parallel, it may be interesting to know that your e-reputation agency does not manipulate certain information for ethical reasons for example.

  • Does the provider guarantee confidentiality?
  • Is the provider transparent? (measurement tools, sharing of statistics on the services performed)
  • Does he say no to prospects for ethical or technical reasons?

Price of the service of the e-reputation agency

The price is a rather difficult concept to master within the nebulae of e-reputation agencies, the benefits being quite different depending on the provider.

  • Does the service provider propose to adapt to changes in Google’s algorithm without additional costs?
  • Is the price of the content required for your e-reputation announced from the start?

All these questions are crucial when hiring a reputation management agency and this is where BrightPast comes in with its years of expertise and reputation.