Do you think that your online reputation is not so important for developing your business or, on the contrary, harming it? Several studies on the American and foreign markets have studied the influence of reputation on the act of purchase. The published figures speak for themselves!

Internet: the media become unavoidable

The Internet is no longer just a new way of selling, it is also a mine of useful information for the consumer. The Internet has thus become over the years a full prescriber. While word of mouth has an impact limited to a limited social circle, the internet makes it possible to communicate to a wide public diverse and varied information on products, brands and consumer experiences. As such, it would be better now to talk about consumer actors.

Online shopping, one of the main uses of the Internet

This may come as a surprise and yet, according to the IFOP survey, Internet users are largely using the Internet to make purchases. While 87% of French Internet users use the web to get information, 85% make purchases online and 80% use this media to learn about products and services. These are the first three results cited by respondents. Internet is also a means of communication with one’s relatives (85%), a source of distraction (77%), and a practical way of carrying out administrative procedures (70%).

The consumer is an information expert

If 85% of Internet users use the internet to make purchases, they are also 80% to be informed before buying. How do they do? Which sites do they consult first? 88% of Internet users consult online reviews, forums, consumer sites and blogs before making a purchase on the internet. 52% of Internet users consult reviews on social networks. Finally, before making a purchase on an e-commerce site, Internet users are also 80% used to inquire directly with their relatives. 72% would prefer to go to a store to directly evaluate a product before buying it online.

The reaction of Internet users to negative opinions

If the act of purchase is influenced by opinions, what are the reactions of Internet users to the e-reputation of brands and products?

– 30% say they give up the purchase of a product in a sign because of the negative opinions they read,

– 39% will make the decision to postpone their purchase to think more,

– 27% will surrender in store to visualize the product and get an idea for themselves.

The people who will give up the purchase will then move to another brand (12%) or decide not to buy at all the product concerned (18%).

Online reputation also impacts store purchases

Even if you do not have an e-commerce site, it’s important to keep your reputation online. A bad reputation can have consequences for in-store sales or the effectiveness of your communication and direct marketing campaigns. Selling places are changing, but consumers’ quest for information remains largely centered on the Internet.

Overall, online reputation becomes a staple in any business strategy. It’s crucial to get your customers to post reviews online to inspire consumer confidence and showcase all the assets of your products and services. And to fight against the negative consequences online, put in place the right tools to make an effective watch and multiply the positive opinions on the web.